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Exercise Science Concentration (B.S.) Overview

The Exercise Science (BS) concentration prepares students to analyze sport and exercise performance in a physiological context. This concentration was designed to prepare students for graduate study in exercise science. Other students have used this concentration to prepare for medical school, physician assistant programs, physical therapy, and other healthcare professions. Students complete coursework in general education, cognate areas, and kinesiology, with an emphasis on basic science courses.

The curriculum is dedicated to preparing students both professionally and academically for their future career. A high degree of excellence is expected in all aspects of career development, including practical and academic success.

For more information on academic requirements, please see our Exercise Science Program’s Guidelines and Sample Semester Sequence.


The undergraduate program in Exercise Science is highly competitive. After completing a challenging set of prerequisites (please see our How to Apply to Undergraduate Programs and Exercise Science (B.S.) Program’s Guidelines and Sample Semester Sequence page), students apply into the program during the first semester of their sophomore year.

Successful candidates typically have a GPA above 3.0 and competitive grades (B or higher) in Biological and Physical Science Prerequisites.

Our policy states:

  1. The faculty of the Department of Kinesiology admits only the most qualified applicants. The number of applicants admitted into a concentration may vary, but only 10-15 students will be admitted into most concentrations.
  2. The successful applicant shall have completed most of the suggested courses listed for the first three semesters of the desired concentration. Please see the Guidelines and Sample Semester Sequence for more information. It is anticipated that the applicant will have satisfactorily completed PNB 2264 and PNB 2265 (where required), or their equivalents, before the semester of admission. The recommended academic grade for admission in all prerequisites is a B or better.
  3. In some cases, the successful applicant shall have demonstrated an interest in the desired concentration, having completed task-related activities (either paid or volunteer positions). (If desired, students interested who wish to gain hands-on experience may be able to find opportunities at a number of sites, including health clubs, youth teams, the Human Performance Laboratory, and/or the Division of Athletics).
  4. The successful applicant must have a grade point average that is competitive with other students applying during the same semester for the desired concentration.
  5. The Department of Kinesiology strongly encourages minority applicants, and will vigorously recruit such applicants.

For more information on admissions standards and contact information, please see our How to Apply to Undergraduate Programs page.