Frequently Asked Questions

What is the graduate environment like?

Graduate studies within our department are unique in that they encompass far more than the curriculum itself. Graduate students have the opportunity to work in a professional environment and build relationships with others from a variety of research backgrounds in the Human Performance Laboratory. The two primary student offices are situated at Gampel Pavilion. The presence of each student in the laboratory is an important component of the educational experience. Please see our Graduate Overview for more information.

The importance of the Residence Requirement must be emphasized. The nature of human research often does not allow for consistent daily or weekly schedules. Research, course work, and other projects from academic advisors are completed throughout each day. Students attend a Human Performance Laboratory meeting on a weekly basis and may have advisor, student group, and several other meetings each week as part of their research or advising teams. Each master’s student selects a maintenance area within the laboratory to which they contributing.

What are my residential/housing options?

We highly recommend that graduate students locate housing near campus. This area includes Storrs, Mansfield, Tolland, Coventry, and the outskirts of Willimantic. Some areas of Manchester are also within commuting distance. We highly recommend planning ahead for summer housing; funding is not guaranteed during the summer and may not arrive until late into the summer.

What training do I need to do to before I start?

What do I need to take care of before I begin?

You may need to:

  • Fill out the FAFSA
  • Go to and sign up for an email account; also set-up your Google calendar at
  • Ensure that a member of the laboratory adds you to all room calendars on Google and that you are added to the online HPL group.  The Google system is the principal method for scheduling and communication within the laboratory.
  • Complete Part I of the UConn Technology Tutorial, which includes:
  • Forward your UConn email to your Gmail account.
  • Send in student health history
  • Ensure that you have signed up for or waived health insurance (if you are already covered).  The health insurance you qualify for depends on whether you are funded or not.
  • Title IV Financial Aid Waiver
  • Bring a state ID to the Wilbur Cross building to obtain a UConn ID.
  • You may want to set-up a bank account at People’s Bank, which is located next to Gampel Pavilion and has an ATM in Gampel itself.
  • We recommend that you secure parking as soon as possible (you may complete the forms sent by UConn of apply in-person at the parking office. Most students secure either the South Parking Garage or the more affordable commuter or GA pass that permits students to park at the nearby “Y Lot”.
  • If funded, complete payroll forms including:
    • GR04 -signed original plus one copy
    • I-9 – Signed original with copies of verification forms
    • Offer letter – Original or copy
    • Tax forms – CT and Federal forms
    • Direct Deposit form
  • Maintain contact with your advisor and their current students. They may advise you of any orientation or training that is required prior to classes.
  • Take the relevant training modules (described in previous section).
  • Please check all of these recommendations with your advisor to ensure that they apply to you.

Where do graduates find work after UConn?

The Department of Kinesiology emphasizes professional experience and resume development. Students are rigorously prepared for career placement. After graduation, graduates of the doctoral program typically gravitate towards positions as professors and investigators. Master’s degree graduates may work in many high-level positions within the health field. Graduate students work with their advisor to formulate a focused academic plan to best suit their unique professional goals. Based upon our combination of laboratory research, professional experience, and guided course development, we are able to place close to 100% of our Master’s and Doctoral students.

Why should I elect to study Kinesiology at UConn, rather than at another institution?

Students of all levels in the Department of Kinesiology have the unique opportunity to work with some of the best investigators in the field in a collaborative environment. Through daily interaction and departmental research projects, students have the unique opportunity to connect to other students as well as to form lasting relationships with those in the laboratory. Students gain knowledge through extensive experience and hands-on work. As a result, a graduate of the department is well able to find success in any career path they choose.

Who should I contact with additional questions?

We encourage you to fully explore the details of each program through this website and read more about the individual professors and their research. Information about the graduate application process and requirements can be found on the How To Apply to Graduate Programs page. Please contact Dr. Neal Glaviano if you have any questions related to our graduate programs or the application progress within the Department of Kinesiology.