How to Apply – Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Application Process


Incoming Freshmen

Applicants to the University of Connecticut should identify Exercise Science as their preferred major on the university application. Acceptance into the Exercise Science major will be reviewed at the university level.


What coursework do I need to complete to transfer to the Exercise Science program?

Students wishing to transfer into the Exercise Science program must complete a minimum of 6-credits within the core/foundational courses as outlined in the plan of study. Examples of the coursework may include Chemistry, General Psychology, and Biology. Performance in these courses will be evaluated by faculty and taken into consideration during application review. Students who have earned a 3.0 GPA or higher will be strongly considered for admission. A student not admitted is permitted to apply again if not accepted on initial application.


Current UConn Students

Current UConn students are eligible to transfer into Exercise Science. Students need to apply by October 1 {spring semester start} or February 1{fall semester start}. Admission is highly competitive and on a space-available basis. Prospective students should complete the Biological and Physical Science courses according to the recommended schedule listed in the Guidelines and Sample Semester Sequence to ensure timely graduation.

Current University of Connecticut students should apply to the Exercise Science program by filling out the Exercise Science Transfer Application.


Transfer Students to the University of Connecticut 

Students seeking to transfer to the University of Connecticut should identify Exercise Science in their transfer application and materials will be forwarded to the department for consideration. There is no need to complete the separate application on the College of Agriculture, Health and Natural Resources website (listed above). Exercise Science is considered a Restricted Program for Transfer Admissions and thus applicants should consult the University of Connecticut Office of Undergraduate Admissions for additional guidelines and requirements.


Who should I contact with additional questions?

Please direct questions regarding the Exercise Science major to advisor Dr. Eleni Diakogeorgiou at


Exercise Science Course Transfer/Substitution Policy 

Students who wish to transfer a course to count towards their degree requirements must first complete the steps as outlined at: ( sure to review follow the transfer credit guidelines outlined at: (


Once this process is complete and a transfer credit report is generated, students can submit the syllabus of the course taken to the Director of Undergraduate Exercise Science to petition the use of the course(s) towards their UCONN exercise science degree completion. The Director will review each case individually and consult with the student’s academic advisor before making a decision regarding the possibility of substituting a course from a previous institution for a course in the Exercise Science major plan of study. Consideration of accepting transfer credits to substitute for major requirements will be based upon evaluation of the official syllabus for the course completed, content of the course related to the department’s course requirements, textbook used, and other factors that will determine equivalency of the content, rigor, and depth of the course to be transferred.  


*It is important to note that not all coursework completed at other institutions will be accepted or used towards the core requirements of the exercise science curriculum. 


*A course substitution for the UCONN degree program may not be accepted as acceptable for post-graduation studies. Students should be aware of graduate program prerequitites to ensure the coursework will be suitable for graduate work. 


Students should email their advisor directly to begin the review process.